1. Teaches the Bible to children

They read the Bible to find information.
They learn the organization of the Bible: Chapter and verse, Order of books, Category of books
They grasp content by highlighting characters, stories, concepts or writing styles of each book.

2. Easy to use

Short Supply List: Bible for each student (NLT or NIV); Pencils, regular and colored.

Teacher Preparation: Photo-copy worksheets for today’s class. That’s all!

Who can teach it? Anyone who can read and relate to children. Everything the teacher needs to know (questions, references and answers) is included in the lessons.

Because answers are short and factual even shy children participate.

3. Flexible, Linear

Undated: Start whenever you like. Move as quickly as your children can manage. If you take a break, pick up where you left off.

Ungraded: The lessons are suitable for Grades 2-6. Advanced readers proceed faster than beginners. Students who have gone through the entire course twice enjoyed it even more the second time.

Worksheets: many are included. Choose those suitable for your class. Copy as many as you need for your facility.

4. Long-term Program

The goal is the development of Bible-smart Kids. This takes time.
Children see their progress so their enthusiasm grows as they move through the Bible.
Reviews, comprehensive and for each category, are included.
Bible Orientation
provides stability and direction for your Bible education program.
This is a one-time, long-term use purchase.