How to Order Modules

The curriculum you are about to order will be delivered to you electronically. Here are some important steps you should follow:

  • Step 1: make sure you have a PayPal account, because this is how you will pay for your order.
  • Step 2: Purchasing Procedure:
    a) click on ‘Store’ in the drop down ‘Purchase’ menu
    b) click on ‘Old Testament Modules’
    c) Review the various modules that are available by clicking on them and reading the descriptors.
    d) When you have decided which ones you want to purchase, drag your purchase into the shopping bag if you are on the ‘Old Testament Module’ page OR click the ‘Add to Bag’ button if you are on an individual module page.
    e) Click on the ‘open bag’ text to proceed to the ‘Checkout’.
  • Step 3: after you pay for your purchase, you will be asked to download the curriculum electronically. The files you will receive electronically are ‘zipped’ into one package. To ‘unzip’ them, you need only double click on the file and it will ‘unzip’ the files. Make sure you note where it is you put them on your computer. On some older computers you may need to download a program which can zip and unzip files. Here is a link to one such free program.
  • Step 4: once your files are ‘unzipped’, you will note that they are in a format called ‘PDF’. If you find that your computer does not open this file automatically, you may have to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader, which allows you to open, view and print PDF files.
  • Step 5: print the files, and make enough copies for use in your class. The purchase price includes an unlimited license for you to reproduce as many copies of the Bible Orientation Curriculum as you require for your class or program.
  • Step 6: Go to the store now and make your purchase.
  • if you have any questions or comments, contact us at