Bible Orientation has been a positive influence in the life of my children. My children came away with a solid understanding of what each book of the Bible was about. They looked forward to each new box of treasures which served as both a visual and tactile reminder of the contents of each book.  We enjoyed discussing those contents and their connection with the book of the Bible after each lesson.  It was great! Even now, after several years have past, they still recall those objects.  I appreciated that the Bible was the primary tool for learning and that each child brought and used their Bible in each class.  They didn’t learn just concepts or themes, but the Word of God.

– Lauren Greenslade, mom of four and early years teacher.



Bible Orientation is a phenomenal way for school-aged children to learn about God and the important stories and lessons of the Bible. It is a great way to teach children because the presentation makes the concepts clear – whether a child is an Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic learner. I learned all of the books of the Bible through Bible Orientation. Although I am an adult now, the fundamental truths I learned through the discussions, worksheets, and props of the curriculum still stick with me. I have experienced many types of Bible studies but Bible Orientation was by far the most fun I have ever had learning about God’s Word.

– Maggie Hiebert



Bible Orientation is a great way to be introduced to the Bible. This program involves kids through interactive activities and makes kids want to learn about the Bible because it’s fun.

– Matt Murphy, age 12



As a child, I attended Sunday school as well as Carol Pollard’s Bible Orientation. Before I could read through or understand the Bible on my own, Bible Orientation is where I first learned about various characters and events in the Bible. Aside from learning to memorize key scriptures and the books of the Bible in order, Bible Orientation helped me learn about Jesus in an exciting and interactive format. Through a fun atmosphere and with an enthusiastic teacher, I can certainly say I gained a basic yet important knowledge of the Bible that helped me transition to adult Christian studies.

– Deanna Hiebert Adherent of Grace Bible Church
Currently studying at the University of Manitoba


Carole Pollard’s Bible Orientation program is an incredible curriculum. When I first saw it I was amazed at how it introduces children to, and teaches them about the Bible. I had just finished my first year of Bible school and realized that her program was comparable to the Bible survey courses I had taken. This program will give students and teachers alike a new perspective on the books of the Bible, as well as the history within them.

– Jocelyn Groening, RN, BN


Bible Orientation is a user-friendly curriculum for educators that leaves children with a life-long faith tool. Its scope and sequence take children through the Bible book by book, allowing them to study and know the Word of God in an unthreatening and tangible way.

– Amanda Janzen, Early years teacher, Linden Christian School

Filled with an array of genres, authors, writing styles and viewpoints, the Bible is a complex, yet coherent entity and a vast storehouse of treasure for those who know how to dig. Bible Orientation gives students the tools needed to uncover for themselves the riches in God’s Word. This essential resource engages students of all ages through activities that will appeal to a range of learning styles. The Bible knowledge and study skills gained will last a lifetime and have a spiritual impact on future generations. Having used this curriculum as a student and as a teacher I am very enthusiastic about its potential.”

– Jane Fondse


I highly recommend Carole Pollard’s Bible Orientation curriculum. Although this curriculum is primarily for children, as an adult I have found it to be very inspiring. I have attended Bible studies over the years but have never before understood how
amazingly the books of the Bible are connected.
Bible Orientation so clearly reveals how God works and interacts with the characters in the story to show His grace, mercy, love, and instruction then and now. The curriculum is interactive and fun.
Taking the course has brought the Bible to life for me and I read it with a renewed understanding and awe.

— Marcie Dyck


“If you are looking for a refreshing and enthused resource for Bible exploration, I highly recommend Bible Orientation. Carole Pollard’s passion to encourage, challenge and advance children in the pursuit of God’s Word, is cleverly and thoughtfully established in this curriculum. We implemented Bible Orientation as a teaching resource for our Sunday School program—a gift that blessed children and teachers alike.”
— Belinda Knopf
Chair, Christian Education, Grace Bible Church