Hi. I am Carole Pollard, the author of Bible Orientation. I also am a pianist, mother and grandmother. “What do you think children are missing in our program?” was the question posed by the Christian Education Director at my church. To my surprise, I had a ready answer: “The children don’t know the Bible. They hear stories, memorize verses and learn values from it, but they don’t ever read the Bible themselves. They need to become familiar with the Bible, grasp its layout and get to know God along the way.”

Her next question, “Will you teach this?” initiated Bible Orientation, a Bible survey course for children. The students became increasingly eager to explore their Bibles as we moved along. They felt empowered. They were becoming Bible-smart Kids.

After having taught the entire course from Genesis to Revelation 4 times, (this took 12 years!) I was asked to develop it for use in a local Christian school. Now these materials are available for your use.

In Bible Orientation children:

  • discover God’s covenant with Abraham and David in LAW and HISTORY,
    encounter in PROPHETS the promise of a new covenant
    which was fulfilled by Jesus in the GOSPELS
    and is celebrated through Communion today.
  • find familiar stories in the HISTORY books and place POETRY and PROPHECY books into the context of those stories.
  • identify the Bible’s famous children and women they should know.
  • Listen to An Interview with Carole Pollard

  • match top hits of the Psalms with the correct chapter numbers.
  • draw a family tree based on Chronicles.
  • do a crossword puzzle on names Prophets used to describe Jesus.
  • decode an Isaiah prophecy.
  • do a word search for Ezekiel’s phrase “Know that I am the Lord”.
  • play “Sounds of the Bible” charades.
  • organize an Old Testament zoo.
  • do “sword drills” along the way.

Through all this, their treasure box, the Bible, is unlocked.

The children become Bible-oriented.