Bible Orientation

Volume 1: LAW & HISTORY 

A Bible Survey Curriculum for Children

by Carole Pollard

168 pages, spiral-bound


Kids read the Bible!
Suitable for any long-term biblical education program
Ideal for Grades 2-6
Includes your right to copy worksheets as needed



Sunday School Curriculum  Christian School Bible Curriculum Home School Bible Curriculum
Bible Orientation is a Sunday School Curriculum that is easy on teachers. They don’t need to learn lessons; they merely ask prepared questions. Students find all of the answers by reading the Bible themselves! A Sunday School teacher’s dream!  Look, it’s Easy!  
Bible Orientation covers every single book in the Bible, even those obscure books nobody reads. Do they have anything to teach us? Bible Orientation reveals highlights in every book. Field tested and suitable as a Christian School Bible Curriculum.       Contact Us         
Start at any time of year with students of any age. Bible Orientation is undated and ungraded. Go as fast or slow as you like. After a break, just pick up where you left off.  It is perfectly suited as a Home School Bible Curriculum. See Unique Features!